Customers waiting while sellers search for info?

AmolinoAI will proactively search and combine information from different applications like emails and slack to help you respond to customer objections and queries in 10 seconds

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Sellers hunting for information instead of closing deals

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Slack is almost unusable

Nobody can keep up with the hundreds of Slack channels. You often miss important information and have to ask for it again.

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Different customers ask for the same information

Customers ask for the similar information and you waste time replying to similar questions

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You want to sell, not provide support

Customers often turn to you for product support and you have to ask people in slack for the right information to reply to them. You want to focus on selling, not support.

Close deals before competition has their first cup of coffee

Don't search multiple apps or slack people

Information from multiple apps combined and pushed to you
Effortless retrieve key information from email
Effortless retrieve key information from email
Effortless retrieve key information from email
Use natural language to ask questions across your digital universe

Built for enterprises

Your exclusive AI model

The information in your companies’ email, slack, CRM and other systems of record is your competitive edge. This data is used to train a custom AI model that is exclusively used by your organization.

Security and Privacy

All data is filtered through an anonymization layer so nothing personal is used in training your organization's AI model. Configurable allow and block lists let you control which topics, senders, recipients and slack channels are allowed or disallowed.

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Great for individual sales reps too
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You can start using AmolinoAI today whether you are managing a team of 100 sales representatives or are an individual member of a sales team. You don't need to go through IT to get started. Get ahead of others on your team and close deals faster.

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